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Published on March 11, 2009 By Fulgrymm In Galactic Civilizations I

I've been having troubles lately with Altarian Prophecy freezing at random, sometimes several turns in, sometimes right when the game starts. I can't deduce the cause of the issue. The only differences in my computer from now and when I first bought it is that I have XP Service Pack 3, a dual core processor, and a Radeon 3850 instead of a 7500.

on Mar 16, 2009

I'm no expert, but I've found that for some games I need to set affinity to only 1 CPU. If you've never done it: after starting game, bring up task manager (cntrl/alt/del), go to PROCESSES tab, find your game name, right click, then click on Set Affinity. Uncheck either cpu1 or 0 (doesn't matter which).  Go back to game...hopefully it will run fine.

Another thought...are you running Impulse first and GalCiv from Impulse? If so, try not starting Impulse and just using the GalCiv.exe to run it (or a desktop shortcut)

Good Luck with your game!

on Mar 19, 2009

Fantastic, I had to set the affinity manually to make it work. I had considered the possibility of the dual core being the problem, but I have a program that supposedly sets affinity for programs automatically but it apparently does not work. Thanks for the help.